Monday, February 23, 2009

Program Review: Top Tier Traffic Exchange

Top Tier Traffic Exchange

Created by Matthew Graves, owner of WebBizInsider, Top Tier is very unique and highly effective. Just like WebBizInsider, you can benefit in multiple ways in TopTier.

Over the years, my membership in WebBizInsider has generated hundreds of subscribers to my list and Thousands of dollars in sales through my ability to email my "downline" (earned, purchased and referred).

TopTier Traffic works a little differently than WebBizInsider in that you can earn a downline with Position points which I talk about later in this post. I highly recommend an UPGRADE to PREMIUM member as it is definitely well worth the expense!

The key to maximizing Top Tier is to make sure you are using all the resources they offer to earn credits and position points.

My guess is that Top Tier is going to be recognized as of the Top exchanges of 2009!

NOTICE: If you are a member of Earth Friendly Biz, please login and click on Affiliate Links to join Top Tier under your EFB sponsor. (Not a memer yet? Click here)

Everyone else can join Top Tier here:

When signing up, all you need is your name and a valid email address. I highly recommend you register with a gmail address to insure you receive the confirmation email.

You must confirm your email address at Top Tier before you are granted access to login.

As a Free Member, you will need to login and surf a minimum of 100 websites in order to activate your account. It will take approximately 40 minutes to complete but does not need to be completed at one sitting.

Once your account is active, you can login and setup your system.

When you login, you will be presented with your Membership status (Free or Premium) along with the Quick Links and Stats and Notes from Matthew which includes membership totals.

Let's setup your Website in Top Tier.

Click on Sites,

Click on Add a new site

Enter your Earth Friendly Biz website

Accept the default hits per day

That's it for setup ... as you earn credits in the system, you website will be viewed by other members.

Now here is where the fun begins ... earning Position Points ...

You can have some serious fun and get some serious benefit by being an active member of Top Tier traffic ... anyone can earn a weekly downline that you can then email with information about Earth Friendly Biz (or whatever you want to share with them).

It's best that you check out the area on Position points and read what Matthew has listed.

Click on My Position

Read the over view then click on This week's Leader Board to see where you what position you are in .... then click on Last Week's Leaderboard to see how the downlines were distributed.

Anyone can earn a downline and upgraded Premium members earn double points!

You will earn points by reading upline emails (click on Messages, My Inbox), surfing other sites through your surf link. Click on Current Position Point values to see how you can earn credits.

The credits change weekly so always remember to check and see how you can earn maximum credits to earn a free d0wnline!

Remember to add your Top Tier affiliate ID to the Affiliate Links are of your Earth Friendly Biz members area. Your EFB downline will follow suit and signup under you.

Happy surfing!

Janet Legere
List Building Expert

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Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, you've been busy again huh?Is toptier just a traffic builder or is there a profit builder involved? Do I seel the traffic I build? What good does the points and credits do for you? I no longer belong to the earth friendly biz, I couldn't catch on, duh me huh?
Good Luck

Gary Runnacles said...

Thanks Janet for that great review on top tier traffic, web biz insider was great, so im off to join under you now


KAREN said...

Sounds good Janet. I have joined as a free member but still need to go in and get it working.

This post inspires me to get right on to it.

Karen (Kaz from Oz)

amador said...

Janet, amador here, I think Toptier is going to be if not the best, one of the best surf traffic engine, I'm happy an ecxited to be part of EarthfriendlyBiz, this system really works, things are begining to Build! Keep up the good work Janet.

Debra said...

Thanks Janet, have to update my ID's. Needed that reminder!

Anonymous said...

I joined sometime back. Since I had fabulous results from Webbiz I couldn't pass this up. Keep up the good work keeping us all informed said...

Hi Janet,
Nice work. This is truly a good program.

buckeyemarketing said...

Hi Janet
It looks rather simple but this doesn't mean people will get results overnight and we both know this.A couple of your downline even said in the blog that things are beginning to happen so I assume that they have had people sign up already.It is great to see someone so willing to help people even if the only benefit to you is the ones that upgrade correct?I have joined so many free programs that didn't work but maybe this will be the one.Good luck everyone.Thanks again Janet.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be a good program
to join the main key is always
leadership and training in programs

Johnine said...

Hi Janet, I like all the features of it, slightly different than most traffic exchanges, it seems like it's specifically for those like us in this program.

Paula said...

HI Janet - I joined Top Tier and it is easy to use. Thanks for the added instruction.

Mahendra said...


thanx for your information

Lowel said...

Thanks janet for this info. I joined under you, i will put this on my blog also.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, i have set up Traffic Tier but must admit that I am a little overwhelmed by everything.
This is the first time for me to do any internet marketing and all is very new to me:)
Thanks for all the tips and I do look forward to learning more and more.

My Earth Friendly Biz said...

Hi Janet,

I appreciate the things you are doing especially on Earthfriendlybiz thanks for the program (Toptier) you shared more power..

Isaac kwan

Geri said...

Hi Janet, Thank you so very much for the Earth Friendly Biz Marketing System! I really enjoy getting new prospects everytime I advertise my website. I wish I knew about this system years ago because this would have saved me alot of time and alot of money that I have waisted. Keep up the GREAT Work and have yourself a wonderful evening.
Geri From Wisconsin

Jan said...

Hello Janet,

Thanks for your usefull - as always - review on Top Tier. I followed our instructions last night in seting it up an activated my account by surfing 101 sites. This seems to be a very exciting program and I will surf daily for a good posistion. Thanks again for your wonferfull coaching!

Jan Cilliers, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa

Jeanne said...

Hi Janet, my husband has been following you for quite some time and has suggested that I have a good look at Top Tier Traffic as a way to promote my new blog about health and nutrition. I plan on spending some time today getting set up.

Thanks! Jeanne

Vitaly said...

Yes, Janet Legere, I consider, that it is a good course in advancement of own business and creation downline. There are many exchanges of the traffic, but not all give similar resources, as TopTier Traffic. I recommend this exchange of the traffic!
Vitaly Butin.

Kreate A New Future said...

Thank you Janet sometimes you wonder if traffic exchanges you are using are a big waste of valuable time. The ones you recommend are great. Great as traffic exchanges but they deliver much more
Sue Kelly

Dean said...

Hi Janet,
Very creative,looks great to me.
I think I'll give it a shot!

Queen007 said...

Hi, Janet!!

Interesting post. As always you contribute to the knowledge of everyone. I'm already a member of Top Tier since the very beginning, because I'm a member of WebBiz too.

Thanks a lot

Follow me at:

GDI Money Makers Community said...

I think Earthfriendlybiz is very reliable and easy to use duplication system for building your GDI downline.
Traffic Exchanges are not very targeted about driving visitors to my GDI Community website but if You are using it via EFB leveraging it brings good results!

Vitaliy Syromyatnikov

Rae Boyd said...

hi Janet, this traffic exchange is a great addition to any new marketer. You have reviewed and set out all instructions so easily for everyone to understand. I have already joined this so I will try to implement your suggestions